Throughout the last several years, we all have felt the United States healthcare system has lost its way. While there are many aspects that are beneficial, there are noticeable flaws and deficits which we believe necessitate remedy. The last two years of this pandemic have only made these concerns more evident. As citizens and healthcare providers, witnessing the loss of health freedom and tyrannical control of public health regulatory agencies and private healthcare systems was pivotal in each board member recognizing an imminent need for change. Individually, the founding board members of Heart 2 Heal, began to ask questions and connect like-minded people and businesses. Independent conversations revolved around different methods in which healthcare could be effective to provide a safe, respectful environment for not only healing the sick but also wellness in general.

After multiple failed attempts in the last year, these new conversations made it clear that God was stirring again. Through a variety of introductions over a relatively short period of time, the board members were brought together where the vision for Heart 2 Heal began to take shape. Our newly formed group, feeling called to serve, put out a public invitation to join our discussion of the possibility of an allopathic and functional medicine healthcare system. This new system would abide by our constitutional rights and honor the principles of the Bible. The initial interest was greater than expected. The venue had to be changed three times to facilitate overwhelming community support. A variety of medical specialties, naturopathic providers, technicians, healthcare workers, acupuncturists, engineers, construction workers, as well as other community members were present. Nearly 500 people attended from not only the Treasure Valley but from surrounding states who had seen our flyer.

Since our initial meeting, the growth of support and interest has been amazing! Heart 2 Heal Idaho has been founded and filed…now we begin the real work!