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    Transparency in services and pricing are of utmost importance at Heart 2 Heal. We want you to feel equipped with the correct information and prepared for your appointment’s cost. No more waiting months to receive a surprise bill in the mail! Before booking your appointment, whether you visit us for Urgent Care, Primary, or Preventative Care, you can review all services and costs.

    Pricing Menu

    Urgent Care Visit: $185.00

    Initial New Patient Visit: $255.00

    Urgent Telehealth Appt based on 15 mins: $100.00

    Primary Care  or Urgent Telehealth Visit based on 30 mins: $145.00


    Functional Medicine*:

    Initial or Annual Assessment: $395.00

    Additional Follow-ups: $275.00

    *In office or telehealth options available


    Additional Services:

    IV Infusion base fee: $125.00**

    In Home IV Administration Fee: $100.00

    After Hours Nurse Call: $50.00

    *Non-Urgent Care visits are designed to address one or more health concerns.  All Initial Primary Care visits or Functional Medicine visits will be scheduled for 45-60 mins.  Follow up appointments will be based on the complexity of your care and determined by you and your provider.
    ** IV Infusions base fee plus the cost of the therapy of choice

    A variety of tests can be performed in our clinic.  At this time, all blood work can be ordered off site and our staff will be happy to guide you through the process.

    Current tests available*:

    Strep: Included

    Urine HCG: Included

    Urinalysis: Included

    Flu A/B: $35.00

    Mono: $10.00

    EKG: $30.00

    *Testing fees charged in additional to the base office visit fee

    Ibuprofen: N/C

    Acetaminophen: N/C

    Medications: $5.00

    IV/IM Medications: $10.00

    IV Fluids: $50.00

    Breathing Treatment: $25.00

    Rent Crutches: $25/mth

    Buy Crutches: $50

    Nebulizer Machine: $60

    Brace/Splint: Starting at $25

    Boot: Starting at $70

    All infusions start at $125 plus the cost of the treatments below:

    Glutathione: +$50

    Myers Cocktail: +$75

    NAD: +$75

    Vitamin C: +$30

    B Complex: +$35

    Hydration: +$25

    *Infusions will be administered after receiving an order from one of our providers