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    John Tribble, MD
    Family Medicine
    • Bachelors of Science at Seattle Pacific University
    • Medical school at St. George’s University Medical School
    • Residency in Family Medicine at University of Arkansas College of Medicine
    • 1 yr Emergency Medicine fellowship through Valley Emergency Physicians.
    Dr. Tribble has been practicing Emergency Medicine for the last 13 years. He moved to Idaho to practice medicine when California began mandating an experimental injection without informed consent & lost a job in California for not complying with the state mandate for vaccination. He feels very strongly about medical freedom, medical privacy, patient and provider autonomy and informed consent. Even before he discovered Heart2Heal he was looking to put into practice something similar on his own, which would allow him to practice freely without the fear of censorship. He believes the doctor patient relationship is sacred and private and every patient requires an individual approach. Dr. Tribble feels blessed and excited to be joining a Christian, independent medical organization where he can freely use his talents to heal and minister to others.
    Laura McDermott, MD
    • Bachelors of Science at St. Mary’s College of CA
    • Masters of Science in Management, Albertus Magnus College
    • Medical School at Creighton University School of Medicine
    • Residency in Pediatrics at University of California Davis Health
    Dr. McDermott has been a practicing Pediatrician for the past 12 years and is a working mom of 2 boys. She knows that kids aren’t just “little adults” and brings her expertise into addressing acute and chronic conditions with a preventative medicine and educational approach. Dr. McDermott brings knowledge, energy, compassion and a whole patient focus with their physical, mental, social and behavioral health. Additionally, she provides a tailored approach to each patient’s comfort and developmental level. With Dr. McDermott, asking questions is strongly encouraged and she loves to build relationships and provide education during the visit. She has always been a strong proponent in working in a team approach for solutions that work best for the patient and family. This new adventure with Heart 2 Heal ministry and building relationships with patients and families in the Idaho community is a dream job for Dr. McDermott.
    Heidi Arens, FNP
    Functional Medicine
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Point Loma Nazarene University
    • Master of Science in Nursing, Azusa Pacific University
    • Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-BC)
    • Certified in Functional Medicine, Institute for Functional Medicine (IFMCP)
    • Post-graduate training in integrative and functional medicine, IV nutritional therapies, IV ozone and prolozone therapy, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and mold/biotoxin related illness, bioidentical hormone replacement, anti-aging and regenerative medicine
    Heidi Arens is a Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in functional and integrative medicine. She has worked in health care for the last 15 years. For the first 11 years of her career, she worked as a Registered Nurse in acute care cardiology at Scripps Health in San Diego, California. After seeing the magnitude of both acute and chronic illness in the hospital setting, she realized that our health care system was well equipped to manage acute illness, emergencies, and complications, but poorly equipped to prevent or reverse disease. This propelled her on a journey to build a bigger toolkit and expand her understanding of why we get sick and how to restore health. She pursued her master’s degree and became a Family Nurse Practitioner and has practiced in primary care, functional/integrative medicine, and alternative cancer care. She is a strong advocate of utilizing the best of all forms of medicine to help people transform their health in every possible way. She is passionate about helping people prevent disease, investigate root causes of illness, restore balance to the body, and create vibrant health in each stage of life. When not at work, you will find Heidi with family or friends, traveling, attending conferences, or staying active in the sunshine.