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    Medical Freedom
    Heart 2 Heal is made up of individuals and providers who believe in faith, freedom and health. We are a community of Christ followers who see a need for a re-envisioned healthcare system; one that is founded on a Biblical Worldview and the principles of an individual’s right to choose
    • their own treatment of care,
    • in a trusted relationship with their providers,
    • without influencing factors like insurance authorizations, networks or provider incentives.
    What has become the traditional norm of the U.S. healthcare system is full of noticeable flaws and gaps, which have been accentuated over the last several years. Our mission is to provide our community,in the Treasure Valley and beyond, with access to medical providers who align with our core values & can dispense care for Urgent Care medical needs in an environment where patients don’t need to fear their voice will not be heard. You can rest assured you will receive all the information you desire to proceed with your treatment options!
    Wellness Approach
    One’s journey towards health does not begin or end with signs and symptom of illness! While our scope of practice is currently geared towards meeting the request for an urgent care and acute needs, we have providers who are training and certified in medical and naturopathic care protocols. When you or your family member are ill, your provider will offer you treatment options that include a variety of approaches. Your personal philosophy on medications, supplements and other treatments will be honored. In turn, our H2H providers will answer all of your questions regarding risk and benefits for your treatment of choice, allowing you the freedom to make a fully informed decision. Our first amendment right starts, and stops, with the trust between a patient and provider.
    At Home Convenience

    While our system is modeled to grow into a permanent clinic facility with a
    broader scope of services, our community’s need is truly urgent. Because of
    this, we are launching initially as Urgent Care, in a Mobile format!

    You have the ability to choose the treatment format that fits your, or your family member’s, needs. Telehealth has gained immense popularity over the last several years, allowing the patient to choose the time and location that works for them.. Our providers are available to our members from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week with limited after-hours response. Connect with these local doctors from the comfort of your own home to access someone you trust if an urgent illness strikes while out of the area.

    Sometimes telehealth doesn’t feel personal enough for a patient, even if it is a familiar face on the other end. In this case, we have healthcare professionals (overseen by a physician) who will come to your home with a basic list of treatment options based on the concerns shared when scheduling your appointment. After arrival and assessment, they will facilitate the telehealth visit with an H2H provider to determine diagnosis and decide on further treatment. If a prescription is required, the doctor will submit that request directly to our partnering pharmacy and have it delivered to your home within 24hrs.*

    Within the next 6 months, Heart 2 Heal will also offer you the choice to have our medical doctors or nurse practitioner come to your home to provide assessment and care in-person. Based on interest and demand, the board will be determining the best way to roll this program out and how it will be the most beneficial to our community. If this is something you would like to see very soon, please submit your desire to support that offering here.

    *Pharmacy does have a predetermined territory and delivery days. Exceptions may be necessary.

    How Does It Work?

    Prospective patients must become members in order to access scheduling the providers. There is an annual fee for your whole household to become a member and our services are direct pay only. The pre-launch fee to access mobile care is $100 per household for 12 months.
    Once you have registered your household as members and paid your fee, you will receive an email for further instructions to set up your personal patient portal. Each member of your household will need an account but they can be linked together. All patient intake paperwork will need to be filled out before being seeing by a healthcare professional. It is highly encouraged that this is completed immediately instead of when an urgent need arises.

    After the patient portal is completed, your family will immediately have access to our supplement ordering software to refill your regular vitamins at a discounted price at any time. Free shipping available with a minimum order.

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