What is Biologic Dentistry?

Article provided by Dr. Sam Petersen – follow him on Instagram @theboisenaturaldentist Biologic Dentistry, the Functional Medicine of Dentistry To me Biologic or Natural dentistry, could be defined as the Functional Medicine of Dentistry. I could go on a 3 hour diatribe about how that is more or less the case. But if I were

Staying Balanced this Winter Season

Provided by Dr. Charles Penick, MD As we shift to a new season, how we support our bodies for adapting will be essential. Although winter isn’t the main reason people get sick, certain factors can weaken the immune system. Prevention is the best medicine for the body and mind this season. Here are five ways

Do you want a health care or a sick care system?

Do you want a health care or a sick care system? During the shift in seasons and weather, our health becomes top of mind! But have you ever stopped to think about how traditional health care might actually just be perpetuating sick care?    In this article written by Heidi Arens, a NP who focuses