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    Staying Balanced this Winter Season

    Provided by Dr. Charles Penick, MD

    As we shift to a new season, Staying Balanced this Winter Season is very important, how we support our bodies for adapting will be essential. Although winter isn’t the main reason people get sick, certain factors can weaken the immune system. Prevention is the best medicine for the body and mind this season. Here are five ways you can stay balanced this winter:

    1 : Clean Air

    Heaters and fireplaces are essential to many homes depending on the region, to stay warm when it’s cold. However, dry and recycled air can impact the immune system. Because our upper respiratory system is lined with moist membranes, it helps to capture dust, germs, and bacteria. When there is too much dry air, moisture is lost, which causes the membranes to be unable to capture particles and prevent them from getting to your lungs. 

    A great quality air purifier and humidifier is one way to combat dry and recycled air. Another way is by airing the house once a day to get fresh air and get rid of the recycled air. 

    2 : Seasonal foods

    Winter is full of delicious foods that can heal us. One main reason it’s important to eat seasonally is that you’re eating fresh-tasting produce. Eating in season has many health benefits and is environmentally friendly. Because in-season produce is at the peak of supply, it also makes it affordable. 

    Some winter foods in season are beets, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, cranberry, kale, pears, pomegranate, sweet potato, turnip, cinnamon, turmeric, and much more! 

    3 : Gut Health

    Studies show there is a link between the gut and the immune system. When our metabolism is unbalanced, it can drive our bodies to work harder to get back on track. Eating balanced and nutritious foods and probiotics will aid our immune systems. 

    4 : Hydration

    Our bodies are constantly fighting inflammation from environmental toxins and stresses and the basic normal functions of the body. Water plays a major role in helping reduce inflammation and eliminate toxins. Some ways to stay hydrated this season include wearing breathable layers to avoid excess sweating, drinking room-temperature water, and eating hydrating foods.

    5 : Sunbathing

    The sun is a natural source of warmth, and vitamin D. Sunbathing is a wonderful way to support and balance the body. You can enjoy sunbathing by opening the blinds to let sun rays come in, going for a brisk walk, or simply sitting outside. 

    Stay healthy and balanced this winter season with Heart2Heal